About Us

Grace Alon Builders, Inc. is the only home builder to incorporate "Life by design."; our philosophy of designing and building remodeling projects and new homes specific to your lifestyle needs. In fact, if we cannot meet your needs, we will refer you to someone who may.

Grace Alon Builders is a residential building organization committed to "Life by design." We are a group of home building professionals who saw the need for homes which were better suited to their occupants and their life style needs. We know who we are and we know who we are not. We are not a national or regional level builder confined by strict operating processes. Likewise, we are not a small builder attempting to become gigantic. Instead, we are most comfortable right where we are in providing our clients a new space or home which has been processed and refined with their life styles in mind.

Additionally, we understand the building process and the complexities our clients expect us to have resolved prior to their building experience. To that end we incorporate a multi-step process which begins by setting reasonable building expectations and ends by meeting or exceeding those expectations.

Grace Alon Builders evolved from staff experiences of both national and local level building organizations. Our collective experience has placed us in a very unique position of utilizing only the best ideas and processes from both building environments.

Finally, we share with you those things that are important in our lives such as barbeques, birthday parties, big decks, wise investments, friends from out of town, big screens and big games, low utility bills and most importantly, we believe in actually doing what we say we will do.

Visit this website often as Grace Alon Builders is currently engaged in projects in the Roanoke Valley, Smith Mountain Lake and Lynchburg communities which are consistent with our philosophy, "Life by design." It is only a matter of time in which we can also offer your friends and family a home experience suited for their lifestyle too.

Our direction is based on what we hear and learn from our clients. Unlike other builders, we conform your homes to fit your needs rather than requiring you to conform to our needs.

As an independent company, we are newly formed and freshly created as we were incorporated in mid 2020. However, the foundation and structure of Grace Alon Builders has been forged and field tested for nearly three decades.

We think you should love remodeling or building your home as much as you love living in it. One of our goals at Grace Alon Builders is to deliver the most rewarding and enjoyable residential construction experience that you can have. After all, we're building your dream home - and it's important that the process be fun, too. We believe providing you with up-front detailed information, setting proper expectations, and keeping you informed throughout the building process are all paramount keys to your experience - and our success!

You'll be glad to know "Life by Design" continues throughout the building of your home. We strive to meet all of your expectations through our building processes.

It's time for a new builder. It's time for Grace Alon Builders. It's time for "Life by Design."